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I'm RPGReki, call me Reki. I'm a Bunny Boy who grew up in Haitei City, usually desperate for good ramen. My interests include fortune-telling and Mahjong. If I'm not looking for trouble in Final Fantasy XIV, I play all other games, preferably JRPGs, though I do play other types of games at times.

RPGReki 1.0

Haitei City

You've never heard of Haitei City? Here's a story why it's called Haitei City:

Once upon on a clear night with a full moon, after a merry night of drinking, some council members left the pub “the Golden Lion” to go home. They happen to notice the reflection of the moon in a filled large tube that was set up in case of a fire. One of them got the genius idea to scoop out the moon to illuminate the city, especially on nights without moonlight. The others agreed with the idea and called for the city fisher. They and their servants arrived and began scooping the reflection of the moon from the bottom of the water, an act also known as Haitei Raoyue… 

While they were ultimately unsuccessful, the moon rewarded their perseverance and graced the inhabitants of Haitei City with its blessing. Even in these modern times, the moon is revered. Haitei City was too small, peaceful, boring and backwards, so I ended up leaving it. But the blessings of the moon will always be with me. 

Fortune Telling

Before smartphones, I had a lot of time on hand and spent a lot of time in the library. I stumbled upon a book about reading tarot cards. It was an interesting read, the cards tell very vague hints, and it's up to people to interpret them. Having the blessing of the moon helps with reading. Ever since, I read tarot for fun, please do not bet your pants on my readings. For readings, I use the Animated Tarot by the Animated Deck of Many Kickstarter. 


It all began with a game called “Shanghai: Dynasty” for Windows 95. The game only featured Chinese Classical Mahjong and Western/British Mahjong. There's a patch that adds Riichi Mahjong, but who downloaded internet patches in 1997?! In 2009, my first contact with Riichi Mahjong was the Anime Saki. Since then, I played online from time to time, I also started to play in-person soon after. Sometimes, the reflection of the moon at the bottom of the water graces me with its blessings: winning on the Last Tile Draw. 

Character Reference

Hot bunny boy, muscular twink (= slight muscle, but still very boyish), bottom, with white/silver hair.

white/silver bunny ears, earring on left ear is optional — should wiggle when blinking
white/silver long wild hairstyle (hairstyle see reference), with bandana
right: very dark green
left: very dark red
black choker or collar (details up for discussion)
wine red haori over dark yukata, worn open; details & pattern of haori/yukata up for discussion
• toggle to take off haori (reveal yukata)
fist wraps
wide dark pants that go with the top (details & pattern of pants up for discussion)
bunny cotton tail, not visible under clothing
dark geta

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