Crystal Down Glossary


Main Cast

Swift Mittens

Swift is one of the main characters of Crystal Down. He has been reincarnated as a mixed Neotes Ailuranthrope. Surprisingly, he’s a late riser. With him being the Keeper of the Crystal Down he has quite the influence in Sitnalta. Though he rarely makes use of that influence.


Name:Swift Mittens
Gender: Male
Species: Neotes Ailuranthrope
Hair:black, short, wild
Eyes:emerald and sapphire

Character Info

Name:Swift Mittens

Titles & Blessings

  • Keeper of Crystal Down
  • Druid (Feline Form, Forest Magic Level 5, and Foraging Level 5)
  • Jack of All Trades (Fighting Level 1, Magic Skills Level 1, and Production Skills Level 1)
  • Master of Magic (Magic Skills Level X)
  • Survival Artist (Survival Skills Level X)


  • Menu (Hidden Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Analysis (Menu Trait)
  • Mystic Eye of Knowledge (Menu Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Menu Trait)
  • Accelerated Recovery (Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Quick Learner (Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Feline Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Lucky Devil (Hidden Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Appealing Charisma (Trait)
  • Nimble & Precise (Trait)


Fighting Level 1 ()

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Short Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Long Blade Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Spear Mastery Level 1 ()
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Level 1 ()
  • Bow Mastery Level 3 ()
  • Shield Mastery Level 1 ()

Magic Skills Level X (ten)

  • Mana Perception Level X (ten)
  • Mana Control Level X (ten)
  • Fire Magic Level X (ten)
  • Water Magic Level X (ten)
  • Wind Magic Level X (ten)
  • Earth Magic Level X (ten)
  • Lightning Magic Level X (ten)
  • Light Magic Level X (ten)
  • Dark Magic Level X (ten)
  • Familiar Magic Level X (ten)
  • Space Magic Level X (ten)
  • Forest Magic Level X (ten)
  • Telepathy Level 4 ()

Production Skills Level 1 ()

  • Alchemy Level 1 ()
  • Carpenting Level 1 ()
  • Compounding Level 1 ()
  • Cooking Level 5 ()
  • Leatherworking Level 1 ()
  • Smithing Level 1 ()

Survival Skills Level X (ten)

  • Camping Level X (ten)
  • Danger Sense Level X (ten)
  • Evasion Level X (ten)
  • Fishing Level X (ten)
  • Foraging Level X (ten)
  • Presence Detection Level X (ten)
  • Presence Isolation Level X (ten)
  • Riding Level X (ten)
  • Trap Detection Level X (ten)
  • Trap Disarming Level E (eleven)
  • Trap Setting Level E (eleven)
  • Weakness Detection Level X (ten)


Aiden & Ethan Mittens

After taking in the twins, both Aiden and Ethan immediately recognize him as a protective big brother. Swift ends up adopting the two as his little brothers.

Matt Sitnalta

Matt is the first person Swift meets after incarnating. With Matt’s relaxed behaviour Swift has taken a liking to Matt and joins Matt’s party.

Matthew Sitnalta

Matt is one of the main characters of Crystal Down. He’s a Hume. He’s the second prince of Sitnalta. He is engaged to Kathrine Farron.


Name:Matthew Sitnalta
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Hair:blond, short, wild

Character Info

Name:Matthew Sitnalta

Titles & Blessings

  • Second Prince of Sitnalta


  • Protector Spirit (Trait)
  • Super Intuition (Hidden Trait)



  • Long Blade Mastery Level 2 ()
  • Shield Mastery Level 3 ()

Magic Skills

  • Light Magic Level 4 ()

Survival Skills

  • Riding Level 3 ()


Patrick Boots

Pat is one of the main characters of Crystal Down. He’s an Ailuranthrope.


Name:Patrick Boots
Gender: Male
Species: Ailuranthrope Vampire
Hair:white, short, neat

Character Info

Name:Patrick Boots

Titles & Blessings

  • Aide of the Keeper


  • Accelerated Recovery (Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Mystic Eyes of Analysis (Menu Trait)
  • Feline Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Ailuranthrope)
  • Noctilionine Form (Hidden Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Vampire Curse (Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Daywalker (Racial Trait: Vampire)
  • Cavern Navigation (Racial Menu Trait: Vampire)
  • Sure Strike (Hidden Trait)
  • Menu (Vassal Trait)
  • Infinite Storage (Vassal Menu Trait)



  • Bow Mastery Level 3 ()

Magic Skills

  • Dark Magic Level 8 ()
  • Light Magic Level 8 ()

Survival Skills

  • Riding Level 3 ()



Ameidra Deity of the Healing

Ameidra's associated colour is blue. Her domain is Healing, both physical and mental. She's aligned with Water Magic and Light Magic.

Clayah Deity of the Shelter and Perseverance

Clayah's associated colour is brown. Her domains are Shelter and Perseverance. She's also the Patron Deity of Neotes. She's aligned with Earth Magic.

Suscellu Deity of the Nature and Wine

Suscellu's associated colour is green. His domains are Nature and Wine. In this case, wine includes all kinds of alcoholic beverages. She's aligned with Forest Magic.

Rhygni Deity of the Cooking and Forging

Rhygni's associated colour is red. His domains are Cooking and Forging. She's also the Patron Deity of Dwarves. He's aligned with Fire Magic.

Ukota Deity of the Time and Fate

Nothing is known about Ukota but their name.

Supporting Characters

Sobe Tagun Hot-blooded Pugilist Natural Talent


Name:Sobe Tagun
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Hair:dark brown

Character Info

Name:Sobe Tagun

Titles & Blessings

  • Battle Nut

Timon Sitnalta King of Sitnalta


Name:Timon Sitnalta
Gender: Male
Species: Hume
Hair:blond, short, neat

Character Info

Name:Timon Sitnalta

Titles & Blessings

  • King of Sitnalta



One of the Therianthrope races of Cratherion. Ailuranthropes are a werecat race. Aside from featuring feline ears and tails, they mostly don’t differ much from Humes. Most of them are blessed with good strength and health. Due to excellent reflexes and instincts, they can adapt to danger very quickly.

There are rumours of Ailuranthropes being able to morph into full cats and back. However, no conclusive proof of individuals capable of that feat exists. Compared to other Therianthrope races Ailuranthropes tend to be more aloof.

Racial Traits

  • Accelerated Recovery:
    increases recovery speed of all kinds
  • Adaptability:
    temporarily increases status of choosing
  • Feline Form:
    provides ability to shapeshift into a feline

Notable Ailuranthropes

  • Aiden Mittens
  • Ethan Mittens
  • Swift Mittens
  • Patrick Boots


One of the Therianthrope races of Cratherion. Cynanthropes are a weredog race. Aside from featuring canine ears and tails, they mostly don’t differ much from Humes. Most of them are blessed with speed. Due to excellent reflexes and instincts, they can escape from almost any situation.

There are rumours of Cynanthropes being able to morph into full dog and back.

Cynanthropes are said to be very loyal when you have managed to earn their loyalty.

Notable Cynanthropes

  • Luna Bella


One of the races of Cratherion. Neotes are a childlike race. Fully grown Neotes are about the same height as ten-​year-old Humes. Some are blessed with innate luck. Neotes can be quite obsessed in their talents or possession. Due to that obsessiveness, they improve their talents faster and can achieve higher masteries at those talents than other races. That obsessiveness is also the reason they usually are seen as not that sociable.

Due to their childlike appearance, some people, much to the dismay of many Neotes, like to compare Neotes with potatoes or even go so far as simply call them potatoes.

Racial Traits

  • Mastery Obsession:
    increases maximum skill level to level 10
  • Quick Learner:
    increases experience gained
  • Lucky Devil: increases luck greatly

Notable Neotes

  • Swift Mittens


One of the races of Cratherion. Ornithropes are a werebird race. Aside from featuring avian wings, they mostly don’t differ much from Humes.

There are rumours of Ornithropes being able to morph into full birds and back. However, no conclusive proof of individuals capable of that feat exists.

Notable Ornithropes


Earth Magic

Magic of the basic element Earth.


This earth utility Spell turns any stone the user touches to sand.


This earth utility Spell compacts sand to sandstone. The result is very uniform.

Further Compaction

Higher variant of Compaction. This earth utility Spell compacts parts of sandstone even more to create layers as found in natural sandstone. A Swift Original.

Composite Magic

Composite Element Magic


This earth, wind and water composite utility Spell weathers a given object with classical elements. A Swift Original.

Fire Magic


It's a fire spell. What did you expect?

Attack Magic

Utility Magic


Avan Forest

A mysterious Forest in Sitnalta Kingdom. As the forest becomes more disorienting the closer you get to the centre it’s not well surveyed. The people in neighbouring areas consider this forest a special place. Several people have tried settling and pushing the forest back. All attempts failed. The disorienting effect of the forest only got worse then they tried to cut down parts of the forest.

Gathering and hunting in the lighter parts of the forest are possible. So from time to time people do turn up. There are tales of a hill in the centre of the Forest that houses lots of Awakening Crystals. That hill, called the Crystal Down, is protected by its keeper. It said the forest protects the keeper, so he can protect both the Crystal Down and Avan Forest.

Neighbouring Locations

  • North: Shague Mountains
  • East: Avan Highway

Crystal Down Cave


Guest Room
Patrick's Room
Swift's Room
Living Room


Cratherion is the unknown world Swift happens to find himself in after getting run over by a bus.


Islesbury is a mysterious village near the southern Mountains, the Shague Mountains, of Krale Kingdom. The village is blessed by both Clayah and Suscellu.

Neighbouring Locations

  • South: Shague Mountains

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